Our goal is to restore journalistic integrity


We believe there’s a difference between news and opinion, between facts and beliefs. The Whim is a new, independent news publication committed to restoring journalistic integrity through unbiased and fact-based news coverage.

We believe it's not the media's job to tell people what to believe or how to think; instead, our job is to give people information so they can make up their own minds. We don’t want to be an alternative to mainstream media. We want to set a new standard.

At The Whim, we don't want to squash dissent, nor do we want to limit robust debate. That's not what being "unbiased" means. Instead, we want to separate the news from opinions, the facts from beliefs. We strive to recreate opposing and supporting arguments in each article, and we don't allow opinions to permeate into The Facts. We want any conservative and any liberal to read any article on The Whim and say, "They represented my argument fairly, honestly, and substantively."

Sunlight is the best disinfectant. As a news source, our mission is not to cast a shadow where the light would otherwise shine.


We will never publish click-bait headlines or misleading thumbnails. The truth is more important than traffic.


News: Unbiased facts. Unlike other media publications, we don’t write news “stories.” Our goal is to equip readers with the information necessary to draw their own conclusions. It’s not our place to tell you what to think. Rather, our role is to present the news in an unbiased manner, so that you can make up your own mind.

Opinion: Unlikely.

The team

robert maxwell the whim



Serving as Publisher, Robert is the lead executive at The Whim. At the age of 18, Robert began working in the financial markets for a private investment firm in Austin, Texas, where he currently serves as the Chief Market Strategist. Robert also serves as chairman of the R.E. Maxwell Foundation of America, a grant-making institution committed to ending poverty and expanding educational opportunities in Central Texas.

william billy dodd the whim editor



A self-described "equal opportunity criticizer," Billy believes no person or idea is beyond reproach. Serving as Editor-in-Chief, Billy leads The Whim News Desk and manages the editorial direction of The Whim. Billy studied economics and rhetoric at the University of Texas, where he published a 150-page thesis on improving congressional discourse. Billy is also the founder of a non-profit, non-partisan political organization focused on improving the public discourse.

Watch Billy's TED Talk, "The Senate's Failed Experiment," here: bit.ly/2hRfuXu

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