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The Facts —

  • On 10 October, the President of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont delivered a speech affirming the Catalonian independence referendum but suspended plans of independence in favor of reaching an agreement with Spain. Puigdemont said:

“Ladies and gentlemen, with the results of the referendum on October 1st, Catalonia has earned the right to be an independent state, and has earned the right to be heard and respected…

The Government and I myself propose that the Parliament suspends the effects of the declaration of independence so that in the coming weeks we may begin a dialogue without which it is impossible to arrive at an agreed solution.”

  • Spain’s Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria responded to Puigdemont’s speech, saying, according to the BBC:

“After having come so far, and taken Catalonia to the greatest level of tension in its history, President Puigdemont has now subjected his autonomous region to its greatest level of uncertainty…

The speech the president… gave today is that of a person who does not know where he is, where he’s going, nor who he wants to go there with.”

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  • Catalonia held an independence referendum on 1 October and according to the Catalonian government, 90% of voters voted for independence.

The Context —

  • On 5 October, the Spanish Constitutional Court announced that they were suspending the Catalan parliament session scheduled for Monday, 9 October.
  • Spain wanted to block the parliamentary session from occurring because they feared Catalonia will announce its independence during the session. Catalonia wants to secure its independence from Spain, a fight they have been waging for centuries.
  • The suspension of the parliamentary session follows protests in Barcelona over the Spanish government’s rejection of the Catalonian referendum that took place on 1 October.
    • Thousands gathered to protest the police on 3 October following alleged police violence on 1 October.
    • On 6 October, Julian Assange tweeted a notice from a city hall in Catalonia claiming their flags were taken down to be cleaned since they had been stained with blood in the violence on 1 October.

    • On 5 October, UN Human Rights tweeted:

  • On 6 October, the Council of Ministers in the Spanish government approved a decree whereby boards of directors can choose to move their business out of Catalonia without receiving approval of the shareholders of the company before doing so.
    • The board of directors of Banco de Sabella, a bank located in Catalonia, has chosen to move its registered offices to the Spanish city of Alicante.
    • The president of Freixenet, José Luis Bonet, told reporters that he was going to propose relocating the company out of Catalonia to Frexienet’s board of directors. Bonet told reporters,

“If we really go to a unilateral declaration of independence, there will be an important exit of companies from Catalonia, which will cause serious damage to Catalonia.”

Support for the Referendum —

  • Author Liz Castro tweeted:

Critics of the Referendum —

  • On October 1, Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy said:

“There has been no referendum on self-determination, but rather a staging against legality. The rule of law remains valid.”

  • The BCC reported that Spanish King Felipe said Catalonian people have put themselves “outside the rule of law and democracy.”

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