Are you tired of media bias? If you’re an independent thinker and know how to cut through the spin to find the facts, then you may be a great fit to work with The Whim News Desk.

How to apply

Email the following materials to [email protected] with the subject line “News Desk”:

  1. Resume with an updated CV briefly explaining why you believe you are a good fit to work with The Whim (1-3 paragraphs is fine)
  2. Desired compensation (specifically, your desired payment per word)
  3. Your area of expertise and the topic(s) you would like to research and write on
  4. A list of 5 proposed headlines, with at least 3 of the 5 related to timely and “newsworthy” issues
  5. Most importantly, submit a draft of a completed news article. Before submitting this, please familiarize yourself with the site and how news articles are crafted–i.e., bullet points; 5 possible categories (The Facts, The Context, Supporters, Critics, Other Stakeholders).

Please Note: You retain the copyright of all submitted materials. We require a completed draft as the most significant metric in assessing each applicant’s qualifications to work with our News Desk.

Please allow 2-3 business days for a response.  We respond to all applications.


PGP Key: A003 8E4C FB9B DDCC F833 4AB3 7BB0 053C 238F 84FA

Email: [email protected]

Or fill out the form below:

Note: This contact form does not anonymize your identity; if you’d like to submit a tip anonymously, please use the PGP Public Key listed above.



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