October 23, 2021

WallStreetBets Announces First Live Trading Championship

WallStreetBets announced it will host the world’s first live esports-style stock market trading competition, The WSB Championship. The competition, which will be held October 28-30 at America’s largest esports arena,…

The Buy Side

If you are not attending an open call and would like to apply online, click HERE. In the “The Buy Side”, The Chowning Group’s Robert Maxwell and John LeFevre bring listeners…

Your Coronavirus WFH Survival Guide

Hopefully, most of us know the importance of staying safe and being considerate. But let’s not neglect our mental health, sanity, and the opportunity to use this time for personal…

How to Survive a Sporting Event with Your Boss

As a follow-up to my recent piece, Tips for Summer Interns, I have been asked to provide pearls of wisdom on surviving a sporting event with your boss. As an international…

The con that allowed one man to rig the results of McDonald’s popular Monopoly game for an entire decade

Monthly restitution payments for stealing millions of dollars are cheaper than most student loan payments.

The Supercars Of Goldman Sachs

We spent five minutes (literally one lap) driving through the parking garage at Cheung Kong Center, home of Goldman Sachs Asia, and here are just a few of the highlights.…

Birddogs Steals Yet Another Billion Dollar Idea From Lululemon

I recently wrote about my personal transition from banking to social media to fashion — a men’s lifestyle brand focusing initially on the neglected top drawer — in which I cited Birddogs as an…