October 20, 2021

The Buy Side

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In the “The Buy Side”, The Chowning Group’s Robert Maxwell and John LeFevre bring listeners into the world of private investment through the lens of a closely-held, generalist investment firm out of Houston, TX.

The YouTube series will begin with ten unique private companies competing for a single investment of $1,000,000, with runners-up able to receive contributions of $250,000-500,000 to their current funding rounds.

The Buy Side, unlike the unrealistic, scripted, TV-orientated nature of shows like Shark Tank, will be a peek behind the curtain of the mysterious world of private equity, primarily focusing on how deals are vetted and transacted. From introductory diligence and competitive analysis, to strategic alliances and funding negotiations, listeners can expect to get in the weeds with Robert and John each and every week. Each episode will provide a better understanding of how to navigate private debt and equity markets both as an investor and as an entrepreneur, something historically shrouded by unnecessary complexity.

Robert Maxwell was lured from Harvard Medical School initially to connect the intersection of healthcare and finance, and since founding his investment firm in 2019, has expanded his scope to include aviation, real estate, media, lifestyle direct-to-consumer brands, and more. John LeFevre spent more than a decade on the sell side before leaving Wall Street to write a bestselling book about his experiences and pursue entrepreneurial initiatives, and more recently, teaming up with Chowning to make opportunistic investments, utilizing their capital, startup experience, and digital media platform.

Join us each week for “The Buy Side”, airing August 1st, 2020.

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